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Melt Flow Weights

Product Description
To attain the loads specified by the Test Standards for different polymers & materials, Ray-Ran uses a modular weight system for its Melt Flow Test Weights.

Note that the piston used with the 5 Series Advanced Melt Flow Systems is fitted with a disc which moves the measuring arm down as the piston descends. the weight of the piston and disc is 0.325kg which is the smallest weight used for MFI testing and any additional weights used take this into account.

Test Description
5 Series - Melt Flow Indexer Test Weights
Part Numbers
MFI074 - 1.000 kg, - MFI075 - 1.050 kg, - MFI076 - 1.200 kg, - MFI077 - 2.160 kg, - MFI078 - 3.800 kg, - MFI079 - 5.000kg, - MFI080 - 10.000 kg, - MFI081 - 12.500 kg, - MFI082 - 21.6 kg, - MFI 072 - Complete set of Test Weights.
Complies with Standard(s)
ISO 1133, DIN 53435, BS 2782: Part 7: Method 720A, ASTM D1238
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