How we take care of quality

Ray-Ran Test Equipment Ltd has grown from strength to strength since the company was formed  in 1977, it has grown consistently over 40 years to become a world leader, in the manufacture of testing instruments for the plastics & polymer industries. And now as part of the Industrial Physics group of companies, we expect growth to continue ever higher.


Ray-Ran has always maintained a strong engineering and manufacturing base to its core business activities, with over 40 different products. The company can offer a wider portfolio than most other test equipment manufacturers worldwide. A key to the success of the company has been the constant development of new products to keep abreast of market demand. Equipment has been designed for diverse industries from Medical (testing prosthetic joints) to the ever growing recycling industry.

Ray-Ran’s product range starts with instruments to test raw materials in pellet, flake or fibre form for Bulk Density and pourability, through to Density testing using Density Balances or Columns and the testing of the MFI or MVR of materials using the 6MPCA Melt Flow Tester.

Sample preparation is another area where Ray-Ran excel by manufacturing a range of equipment to prepare samples from either the raw material or sheet form like the Small Injection Moulding Apparatus which will mould small samples like dumbbells etc from pellets and flakes or the Cutting Presses which will cut samples from sheet material, then for the thicker sheets over 10mm thick or Pipes up to 100mm thick, the CNC Milling machines.

Then finally Ray-Ran also manufacture a range of machines to test the samples & finished products, such as the Izod or Charpy Impact Tester,  Static & Dynamic Friction for films & foils, Tensile Tester for elongation or compression, Softening point & Heat deflection with the HDT/Vicat equipment to name but a few.

Local support

Currently we cover 39 countries with local Distributors and agents who will be able to advise instruments are would be required for your application. Contact us for details on our local representative in your country. 

Design from the inside out 

Our instrument development process begins with a careful review and comparison of materials and components. High quality components ensure the long lifetime of our instruments. Accuracy and the expected availability are key elements. Our in-house team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers are highly capable of taking a project from the initial concept stage all the way through to design and final manufacture.

This ensures that quality is at the forefront of our business and covers every aspect of your relationship with Ray-Ran.