Designed and manufactured by Ray-Ran the Model 1 CNC Sample Profile Cutter is rapidly becoming the best bench top milling machine in its class.

The 3 axis rapid prototyping vertical milling machine is ideal for cutting hard dense polymer sheets and laminates up to 40mm thick as well as polyethylene and  polypropylene pipes that are used within the gas and water industry. The versatility of the machine makes it ideal for Research and Development departments, Laboratories and Universities.

The CNC1 comes with a bed size of 500mm x 440mm which has tennon slots for clamping down the sample. Travel distances on the X, Y and Z axis are 300mm x 250mm x 100mm respectively and are fitted with high quality lead screws and linear guide rails for precision and accuracy. The high speed spindle is variable from 2400 rpm to 24000 rpm and has a milling cutter capacity of up to 10mm diameter. Cutting feed ranges up to 1100mm/min can be achieved for a fast accurate milling process with each axis driven and controlled by advanced stepper motor technology. Pipe work is supplied as standard for air cooling to reduce the cutter temperature when machining components and the machine can also be fitted with dust extraction. The fully enclosed cabinet has an internal light and an electrical safety interlock to ensure operator safety when the cabinet door is in the open position.

For work holding, a standard clamping kit can be supplied or bespoke clamping fixtures can be designed and manufactured by Ray-Ran to meet customer’s requirements.

The CNC1 is supplied with Flashcut CNC software which is a dedicated real-time CNC program for use on a PC or Laptop. It interfaces effortlessly with the machine and uses industry standard numerical control G-Code and Letter addresses for programming. Pre-written CNC programs are available direct from Ray-Ran for any shape or size of test sample or to any International test standard.


Optional Ancillaries

Weight (kg) 110
Width (cm) 98
Depth (cm) 60
Height (cm) 70



Features & Benefits

Real-Time CNC control in a Flash

Flashcut CNC is a dedicated software package which gives high-performance low-cost CNC results, and is supplied as standard with both models of the Ray-Ran CNC Sample Profile Cutter. Effortlessly integrated between machine and PC, Flashcut CNC uses standard numerical G-Code and Letter Addresses for real-time CNC control.
The FlashCut CNC software has an easy to use, yet powerful operator control panel that puts all of the machine control you need at your fingertips. It has been meticulously engineered to work seamlessly with 64 and 32-bit versions of Windows-based operating systems without changing sensitive operating system parameters. It dynamically displays the tool path while sending real time motion commands to the CNCs Signal Generator over a high-speed USB connection for smooth, dependable, accurate motion on most PC's or Laptops.
The system has been designed to accept industry-standard G & M codes ensuring full compatibility with leading professional Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing software (CAD/CAM).
For the experienced user of Computer-Aided Design software such as AutoCad, simple 2D drawings can be imported into the software as .DXF files using Flashcut CNC’s Import feature. One simple set up parameters are configured the software will generate a simple G-Code program to machine the part. If you have CAM, software programs generated by your Post Processor can also be imported as FGC files direct to the Flashcut software, the program will then generate the cutter path in the viewports on the main control panel.
For the novice, pre-written CNC programs are also available direct from Ray-Ran for any shape or size of the test sample to any International test standard, eliminating the need for CAD/CAM trained operators or skilled CNC programmers.

 Technical Specification