The Cold Flex Tester determines how low temperatures affect the torsional stiffness properties of flexible materials, including PVC extrusion compounds, by measuring the temperature at which a test specimen is twisted through a known angular displacement using a pulley system by a specified torque. The apparatus complies with BS2782: Part 1: Method 104B, ISO458/1, 458/2 and ASTMD1043 International Test Standards.

The apparatus consists of a low temperature bath with electronic PID temperature controller, heater and a PT100 platinum resistance thermometer accurate to 0.1°C which accurately controls the heating cycle of the test. To ensure temperature stability within the bath during the cooling and heating cycle, a stirrer motor system is also fitted to the apparatus. Suitable means should be used to ensure the liquid medium can be lowered to the test temperatures required such as adding dry ice.

The torque is applied to the test sample by placing known weights to the pulley system which causes the clamped test specimen to rotate or twist about its vertical axis. Angular deflection measurements (in degrees) are then taken from the integrated radial dial indicator.

From the temperature and the angle of deflection readings taken, the apparent torsional modulus of elasticity can be determined.


Optional Ancillaries

Weight (kg) 15
Width (cm) 30
Depth (cm) 45
Height (cm) 40