For accurately checking the shore hardness of a wide range of elastomers and plastic materials the Ray-Ran range of Durometers are simply hard to beat. Due to the fact that material hardness is a key characteristic of an elastomer and one which can be related to important material properties, it is beneficial to be able to accurately measure the material hardness of a supplied product making them ideal for product design and quality control inspection.

Offered in analogue or digital scales each durometer can be used hand held or fitted to the Ray-Ran bench mounted Lever Operated Durometer Stand. Each durometer available utilizes the Shore method of hardness measurement and features a spring-loaded indentor module which is pressed down squarely on the surface of the material to be measured resulting in its shore hardness.

The unique interchangeable modules allow for a wide and useful range of the Shore harnesses scales to be measured on one instrument. Depending on the material being tested hardness scales are available to Shore A, B, C, D, DO and OO with each interchangeable module supplied calibrated to the durometer head. The only exception to this interchangeability is the softest Shore OO range due to its very low indentor loads.

The models offered within the Ray-Ran range are the STD226 Digital Durometer and the STD227 Analogue Durometer. Each durometer comes with its own calibration certificate tested to the relevant module, protective carry case, product user manual and 12 month return to base warranty.


Model STD226 Digital Durometer

Model STD227 Analogue Durometer

Optional Ancillaries

Weight (kg) 0.3 0.22
Width (cm) 6.5 3.8
Depth (cm) 2.5 2.3
Height (cm) 15 13.5