The Lever Operated Durometer Bench Stand has been designed by Ray-Ran to enable the simple mounting of a durometer to be brought into contact with a test sample in a vertical direction with a known constant loading force being applied. This almost entirely eliminates any operator influence on the results, thus ensuring greater accuracy and repeatability.

Simple to operate, the durometer is loaded with a specified static load and the test sample is placed on the lever operated surface plate. The test sample is then pressed against the durometer and the constant force of the static load applied ensuring accurate repeatable test results.

Manufactured to comply with international testing methods ASTM D2240 and DIN 53505 the apparatus can accommodate both the STD226 and STD227 durometers. The bench stand is supplied complete with all test weights to the relevant test standards and a “V” block for testing polymer tube samples.


Optional Ancillaries

Weight (kg) 5
Width (cm) 35
Depth (cm) 25
Height (cm) 45