Density Gradient columns, what are they?

Density Gradient columns, what are they?


Density Gradient Columns are used to measure the density of plastics and other objects extremely accurately to 6 decimal places.

Density Gradient Columns offer the ability to read density measurement extremely accurately, typically 6 decimal places using at least 2 miscible liquids to build your density gradient. Calibrated glass floats are then used to calibrate the column before the test material is added. Once at equilibrium the density of the material can be found.

The Ran-Ran unit designed, developed and manufactured in the UK offers a simple way to determine density to 6 decimal places using advanced Microprocessor technology to give simple but accurate density measurement readings at the touch of a button. The apparatus is available as 3 and 6 column units. For a demonstration of its capabilities please contact Ray-Ran Test Equipment and arrange to come and visit us at our facility.

Typical density measurement applications include
• Polymers and resins
• Textiles
• Marine biology
• Chemistry

Please click the video below to see how Miami University are using the equipment for Marine Biology applications:

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