Built with absolute simplicity, the Ray-Ran Micro Cutting Machine has been specifically designed to cut thin plastic film and other materials into rectangular strips of varied widths using specifically designed cutting heads. It is Ideal for making Tensile and Tear Test strips to various International Test Standards when conventional die cutting is not suitable or recommended. This apparatus has rapidly become a valuable tool from the Ray-Ran product range and is ideal for all types of flexible packaging, film, foils and paper up to 250µm (0.25mm) thick.

Extremely simple to operate, the adjustable spring loaded head support slides on hardened and ground steel rail guides using linear roller bearings to maintain rigidity and accuracy when cutting. The cutting head attachment is made from high quality tool steel and chrome plated for rust protection and holds 2 custom made razor sharp blades accurately spaced to within 0.01mm. The cutter head blades are easily removed when they are worn and need replacing and no further adjustment to the new blades will be required when fitted. With a minimum cut width of 0.25mm, cutting heads can be supplied to cut single or multiple test samples in one single pass increasing your testing capacity and productivity.

The apparatus is supplied with a recessed base which can accept a cutting base pad such as card or rubber sheet which will help protect the cutting blades during the cutting process. A clamping mechanism is also fitted to firmly support the sample material.As standard the cutting stroke length of the apparatus accommodates A4 size samples but this can be increased to customer’s individual requirements.

To operate the Micro Cutting Machine, insert the material under the cutting rails and position it into the clamping mechanism. Slightly slide the cutting head to a position over the material approximately 10 – 20 mm from its clamped edge. Push the cutter down on top of the material and pull the cutter head towards you across the guide rails. Once at the end of its travel return the cutter head to its start position. Simply remove the material and trim the sample to the required length.


 Optional Ancillaries

Weight (kg) 5
Width (cm) 40
Depth (cm) 20
Height (cm) 10