The model 49-56 Digital Micrometer combines unmatched accuracy and resolution with a modern contemporary look. The Micrometer can be configured to meet ISO, ASTM, TAPPI, EDANA or other international specifications. The Micrometer offers a cantilever balance system to allow low pressure measurements. This feature also allows adding or removing additional weights for multiple pressure applications. The instrument is supplied with a sensing eye next to the anvil. When a sample is detected the test cycle automatically starts.

Features & Benefits

• Easy-to-use
• Small foot print
• Low foot pressure capabilities
• Units include, mm, μm, mil
• Optional strip feeder
• Suitable for multiple material applications
• Computer compatible with GraphMaster™ software

• Paper, corrugated, cloth, plastic, plastic film,
textile fabrics, nonwovens, battery separators,
felts, leather, tissue paper and others

International Standards
• ASTM D374, D1777, D5729, D6988, ISO 534,
3034, 4593:1993, 5084, 9073-2, 12625-3, APPITA 1301.426, TAPPI T-411, EDANA 30.4, PAPTAC D.4,
DIN 53370, BS 2782-6
• WSP 120.1, WSP 120.6