The System offered is by far the most accurate way of producing a density gradient within your column. Not only does it effortlessly integrate with the Ray-Ran 3 and 6 column equipment but can also be used with any other make of density gradient column. It saves considerable time in the preparation and building of your density gradient and overcomes a lot of the trial and error that is associated with this procedure.

Buffer zones can be added to the top and bottom of the column to slow down the deterioration of the column and gradient settings can be stored for future use including controlled top and bottom densities, column volume, tube volume and buffer volumes as well as selectable density units, with either g/ml or kg/m3 available.

The filling procedure is fully automated using indexing stepper motors and peristaltic pumps and any two miscible liquids can be used to give the heavy and light densities without the need to be pre-mixed prior to being pumped into the column.





Weight (kg) 5.3
Width (cm) 32
Depth (cm) 25
Height (cm) 11