The X350 Universal Testing Machine is the middle range of the models offered by Ray-Ran within the product range. The small footprint double column machine has a range of 5N to 20KN and is used in all industries worldwide for materials testing, product testing, research and development, and quality control applications. Fully automated by advanced computer technology the testing system with high precision control ensures simplicity in operation and highly accurate test results.

The Universal Testing Machine uses feature-rich WinTest™ Analysis software for control and testing, with comprehensive onboard test methods that are compliant with all relevant industry standards including advanced, standard and complex multi-stage test procedures which are fully configurable and controlled using a standard PC interface. An optional IPC 3 industrial-grade Panel PC with touchscreen control can be supplied making the machine a robust standalone system without the need for an external PC or laptop, or customers can utilize their own desktop computer or laptop to operate the machine.

The standard features of the machine include:

Remote connection self-diagnostics software and registration. Giving direct connection of your machine for remote service, on-line training, software upgrades, new test methods uploaded, etc


Features & Benefits


Weight & Dimentions                                     X350  
Net Weight (kg)                                                120  
Width (cm)                                                           69  
Depth (cm)                                                           53  
Height (cm)                                                        158