Our Product Ranges

Raw Materials Evaluation

Apparent Bulk DensityMB23 & MB25 Basic Moisture AnalysersMB35 Advanced Moisture AnalyserMB45 Advanced Moisture Analyser6MBA Melt Flow Tester Microprocessor Controlled Density Gradient Filling SystemAuto Density Gradient ColumnDiscovery Pro Analytical Density BalanceAdventurer Pro Analytical Density BalanceExplorer Analytical Density BalanceExplorer Precision Balance6MPCA Advanced Melt Flow Tester with Techni-Test softwareAdventurer Pro Precision BalancePioneer Analytical and Precision Balances

Test Sample Preparation

Hand Operated Cutting PressPneumatically Operated Cutting PressAutocycle Test Sample Notching CutterTest Sample Moulding ApparatusModel 1 CNC Profile Cutting MachineModel 2 CNC Profile Cutting MachineMicro Cutting Machine for Thin MaterialsTest Sample Cutters

Sample and Component Testing

6 Station Advanced HDT/Vicat Softening Point ApparatusCoefficient of Friction TesterUniversal Falling Weight Impact TesterThermal Ageing ApparatusLow Temperature Brittleness TesterEnvironmental Stress Cracking ApparatusUnrestrained Linear Thermal Shrinkage Apparatus - Liquid Immersion MethodUnrestrained Linear Thermal Shrinkage Apparatus - Hot Plate MethodIndentation Hardness TestersIndentation Hardness Testers - Bench StandAdvanced Universal Pendulum Puncture Impact Tester with Techni-Test SoftwareAdvanced Universal Pendulum Impact Tester with Techni-Test Software2 Station Advanced HDT/Vicat Softening Point Apparatus4 Station Advanced HDT/Vicat Softening Point ApparatusUniversal Testing Machines - Integrated PCCold Flex Testing ApparatusUniversal Testing Machines - External PC ControlManual Falling Dart Impact TesterElmendorf Tear TesterUniversal Testing Machines - Grips & AccessoriesUniversal Testing Machines - SoftwareMicroprocessor Controlled Falling Dart Impact TesterManual Advanced Bench Top Drop Dart TesterPrecision Thickness Gauge